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"Where is situated your Dagestan?" - Has asked the old highlander. "On and under the wings of Eagle" - Has answered he.
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Dear visitors of our site, please use Guest Book and make some notes there for knowing who you are and where you are from. In this way we will know in which countres of the world are lives Lezgi people...Dear visiters of our site, please use Guest Book and make some notes there for knowing who you are and where you are from. In this way we will know in which countres of the world are lives Lezgi people...

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Lezginka Dance


Video Explanation of Lezginka

Shortly about Lezginka in Lezgi language -"Dance History"  Download Video ( 16.8 Mb )

Best of 05


New Selected Hits from 05 Region ( Dagestanian )

01.Gabibat & Jamal -"Ti Daleko"  Download MP3

02.Larisa -"Vefasuz ( Lez )"  Download MP3

03.Laura Aliyeva -"Izmennik"  Download MP3

04.Marriyat Magomedaliyeva -"Ne verte mujchinam"  Download MP3

05.Marriyat Magomedaliyeva -"Visota Orla"  Download MP3

06.Mesedu Omarova -"Seriye Glaza"  Download MP3

07.Nurialla Kallayeva -"Ya molodaya"  Download MP3

08.Nurula Radjabov -"Cvetok Serdca"  Download MP3

09.Ruslan Adjiyev -"Sila Lubvi"  Download MP3

10.Sharip Guseynov -"Vremya Lubvi"  Download MP3

11.Timur Temirov -"Moya Devochka"  Download MP3

12.Unknown -"Ey Brunetka"  Download MP3


"MY SHAKH DAG & LAZA" Wallpaper photo session

Dear visitors of "zilezgi.narod.ru" we are glad to introduce to you the photo session "MY SHAKH DAG & LAZA" which is located in Azerbaijan-Gusar region.Trip realized by our own correspondent.

new01."MY SHAKH DAG & LAZA" -"PHOTO-1"  Download

new02."MY SHAKH DAG & LAZA" -"PHOTO-2"  Download

new03."MY SHAKH DAG & LAZA" -"PHOTO-3"  Download

new04."MY SHAKH DAG & LAZA" -"PHOTO-4"  Download

new05."MY SHAKH DAG & LAZA" -"PHOTO-5"  Download

new06."MY SHAKH DAG & LAZA" -"PHOTO-6"  Download

new07."MY SHAKH DAG & LAZA" -"PHOTO-7"  Download

new08."MY SHAKH DAG & LAZA" -"PHOTO-8"  Download

new09."MY SHAKH DAG & LAZA" -"PHOTO-9"  Download

new10."MY SHAKH DAG & LAZA" -"PHOTO-10"  Download

new11."MY SHAKH DAG & LAZA" -"PHOTO-11"  Download

new12."MY SHAKH DAG & LAZA" -"PHOTO-12"  Download

new13."MY SHAKH DAG & LAZA" -"PHOTO-13"  Download

new14."MY SHAKH DAG & LAZA" -"PHOTO-14"  Download

new15."MY SHAKH DAG & LAZA" -"PHOTO-15"  Download

new16."MY SHAKH DAG & LAZA" -"PHOTO-16"  Download

new17."MY SHAKH DAG & LAZA" -"PHOTO-17"  Download

new18."MY SHAKH DAG & LAZA" -"PHOTO-18"  Download

new19."MY SHAKH DAG & LAZA" -"PHOTO-19"  Download

new20."MY SHAKH DAG & LAZA" -"PHOTO-20"  Download

new21."MY SHAKH DAG & LAZA" -"PHOTO-21"  Download

new22."MY SHAKH DAG & LAZA" -"PHOTO-22"  Download

new23."MY SHAKH DAG & LAZA" -"PHOTO-23"  Download

new24."MY SHAKH DAG & LAZA" -"PHOTO-24"  Download

new25."MY SHAKH DAG & LAZA" -"PHOTO-25"  Download

new26."MY SHAKH DAG & LAZA" -"PHOTO-26"  Download

new27."MY SHAKH DAG & LAZA" -"PHOTO-27"  Download

new28."MY SHAKH DAG & LAZA" -"PHOTO-28"  Download

new29."MY SHAKH DAG & LAZA" -"PHOTO-29"  Download

new30."MY SHAKH DAG & LAZA" -"PHOTO-30"  Download

new31."MY SHAKH DAG & LAZA" -"PHOTO-31"  Download

new32."MY SHAKH DAG & LAZA" -"PHOTO-32"  Download

new33."MY SHAKH DAG & LAZA" -"PHOTO-33"  Download

new34."MY SHAKH DAG & LAZA" -"PHOTO-34"  Download

new35."MY SHAKH DAG & LAZA" -"PHOTO-35"  Download

new36."MY SHAKH DAG & LAZA" -"PHOTO-36"  Download

new37."MY SHAKH DAG & LAZA" -"PHOTO-37"  Download

new38."MY SHAKH DAG & LAZA" -"PHOTO-38"  Download

new39."MY SHAKH DAG & LAZA" -"PHOTO-39"  Download

new40."MY SHAKH DAG & LAZA" -"PHOTO-40"  Download

new41."MY SHAKH DAG & LAZA" -"PHOTO-41"  Download

new42."MY SHAKH DAG & LAZA" -"PHOTO-42"  Download

new43."MY SHAKH DAG & LAZA" -"PHOTO-43"  Download

new44."MY SHAKH DAG & LAZA" -"PHOTO-44"  Download

new45."MY SHAKH DAG & LAZA" -"PHOTO-45"  Download

new46."MY SHAKH DAG & LAZA" -"PHOTO-46"  Download

new47."MY SHAKH DAG & LAZA" -"PHOTO-47"  Download

new48."MY SHAKH DAG & LAZA" -"PHOTO-48"  Download

new49."MY SHAKH DAG & LAZA" -"PHOTO-49"  Download

new50."MY SHAKH DAG & LAZA" -"PHOTO-50"  Download

new51."MY SHAKH DAG & LAZA" -"PHOTO-51"  Download

new52."MY SHAKH DAG & LAZA" -"PHOTO-52"  Download

Happy Yaran Suvar


Happy Yaran Suvar!!! Lezgi Informational Entertainment Port "www.zilezgi.narod.ru" Presents new mega concert of Yaran Suvar - 2010

new01.Ashug Alixan -"Besxanum"  Download MP3

new02.Djamilya -"X'sha vun yar"  Download MP3

new03.Gr.Arzu -"Merziyat"  Download MP3

new04.Gr.Ekun Yug -"Irina"  Download MP3

new05.Gr.Lacu Lif -"Yardiz"  Download MP3

new06.Gr.Karvan -"Karavan"  Download MP3

new07.Muslim -"Zaz tahay yar"  Download MP3

new08.Gr.Nur -"Bagishda za"  Download MP3

new09.Gr.Unug -"Sel atana"  Download MP3

new10.T.Ashurbekov -"Eminan xur"  Download MP3

new11.T.Ashurbekov -"Proshloe ( rus )"  Download MP3

new12.T.Karibova -"Ayida"  Download MP3

new13.T.Karibova -"Lezginka"  Download MP3

new14.Gr.Unug -"Dunya"  Download MP3

new15.Gr.Unug -"Hadji Davud"  Download MP3

new16.Gr.Unug -"Naira"  Download MP3

17.Ruslan -"Dide va Buba"  Download MP3


Lezgi Hits

01.Gr.Mires -"Chubaruk"  Download MP3

02.Gr.Unug -"Xurun Rush"  Download MP3

03.Amur Ispayev -"Lezginka"  Download MP3

04.Gr.Bulax -"Chulav Viler"  Download MP3

05.Gr.Qayi Bulax -"Lezginkadal Iliga"  Download MP3

06.Gr.Mires -"Kayi Rik"  Download MP3

07.Gr.Mires -"Zulmira"  Download MP3

08.Gr.Nur -"Malina"  Download MP3

09.Gr.Nur -"Zarima"  Download MP3

10.Gr.Devran -"Ti Ushla ( Rus )"  Download MP3


New Selected Lezgi Hits

new01.Devran -"Riker sad huray"  Download MP3

new02.Gr.Shax-Dag -"Perizada ( Edited Version )"  Download MP3

03.Aran -"Benevsha Chuk"  Download MP3

04.Aran -"Chubaruk"  Download MP3

05.Benevsha -"Amina"  Download MP3

06.Bereket -"Jehilar"  Download MP3

07.Aliya -"Yifen Axvar"  Download MP3

08.Dunya -"Kan hana vun"  Download MP3

09.Dunya -"Zi Muhubbat"  Download MP3

10.Jehil Dustar -"Vun avach"  Download MP3

11.Mires -"Amina"  Download MP3

12.Ruxun -"Kani Rush"  Download MP3

new13.Gr.Perizada -"Vaxar"  Download MP3

14.Xpedj -"Vun niz gana"  Download MP3

15.Xpedj -"Ya Xala"  Download MP3

new16.Gr.Shax-Dag -"Tek Tamir"  Download MP3

new17.Gr.Unug -"Lezginka"  Download MP3

new18.Gr.Perizada -"Gaf Ganash"  Download MP3


New Hits ( If you known the names of unknown singers,please add it to our Guest Book )

new01.Gapsax -"Malvina"  Download MP3

02.Aydamir Mugu -"Ya Lublu Tebya"  Download MP3

03.Gapsax -"Buba"  Download MP3

04.Makka Sagaipova -"Revniviy Kavkaz"  Download MP3

05.Unknown -"Salam Alleykum"  Download MP3

06.Unknown -""  Download MP3

07.Unknown -""  Download MP3

08.Unknown -""  Download MP3

new09.Magomed Alikberov -"Lezgi Rush"  Download MP3

10.Gr.Bereket -"Iyer sa rush ya"  Download MP3

new11.A.Begaliyev -"Rushar"  Download MP3


"FOREST OF KHUDAT" Wallpaper photo session

Dear visitors of "zilezgi.narod.ru" we are glad to introduce to you the photo session "FOREST OF KHUDAT" which is located in Azerbaijan-Khachmaz region.Trip realized by our own correspondent Murad Mammadov and with support of "zilezgi.narod.ru" in January 2010.

01."FOREST OF KHUDAT" -"PHOTO-1"  Download Size 1.16Mb

02."FOREST OF KHUDAT" -"PHOTO-2"  Download Size 965Kb

03."FOREST OF KHUDAT" -"PHOTO-3"  Download Size 1.14Mb

04."FOREST OF KHUDAT" -"PHOTO-4"  Download Size 1.11Mb

05."FOREST OF KHUDAT" -"PHOTO-5"  Download Size 1.20Mb

06."FOREST OF KHUDAT" -"PHOTO-6"  Download Size 804Kb

07."FOREST OF KHUDAT" -"PHOTO-7"  Download Size 1.30Mb

08."FOREST OF KHUDAT" -"PHOTO-8"  Download Size 1.31Mb

09."FOREST OF KHUDAT" -"PHOTO-9"  Download Size 1.18Mb

10."FOREST OF KHUDAT" -"PHOTO-10"  Download Size 1.29Mb

11."FOREST OF KHUDAT" -"PHOTO-11"  Download Size 965Kb

12."FOREST OF KHUDAT" -"PHOTO-12"  Download Size 1.11Mb


New Lezgi Hits - 06.Jan.2010

01.Karvan -"Irada"  Download MP3

new02.Ruslan Pirverdiyev -"Angel Moy"  Download MP3

03.Gr.Shirin Bulax -"Sha Mekerik"  Download MP3

new04.Zalina Shamova -"Vaxtar"  Download MP3

new05.Zalina Shamova -"Almaz"  Download MP3

06.Gr.Bulax -"Ya Chan"  Download MP3

07.Gr.Perizada -"Kismet Huray"  Download MP3

08.Gr.Perizada -"Gusar Sheher"  Download MP3

09.Gr.Perizada -"Sabina"  Download MP3

10.Karavan -"Vun Akvaz"  Download MP3

new11.Ruslan Pirverdiyev -"Jehil yisar alatzva"  Download MP3

12.Ashug Shemshir -"Kani Val"  Download MP3

13.Zamir -"Svela s Uma"  Download MP3

14.Gr.Unug -"Kan hana vun zaz"  Download MP3

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